In this chapter you want to learn how to create and configure your own analyses. 

It explains all available components in detail, covers advanced selections, styling issues and user permissions.


Understanding this chapter will qualify you to plan, create and configure your own analysis documents based on an existing Data Model and to share this analysis with various user.



Please make sure to have Edit-Rights on the Analysis that you want to manage.

To create your own Analysis Documents in an existing project, you need to have "Create" - Rights for this project.

To create a new Project however, you need to have "Global Content" administrative rights.


Click here, to get more information on object permission within an existing project.

Click here, to learn more about the Global Content Administrator.

For any questions regarding your Celonis permissions, please contact your User Administrator.


Last but not least, we would like to reference to our Process Query Language (PQL) documentation. You might need PQL to create your own KPIs and configure your components.


What's Inside?


Let's start with taking an in-depth look at analysis documents. Proceed here: Manage Analysis

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