SAP Process Mining by Celonis 4.2 offers a long list of available components that can be used to analyse your cases. The following pages will describe each of them, covering their functionality and configuration.


Components are structured within 4 categories:

Process Analysis Components

Get an overview of your Data by viewing and filtering your whole process model, according to various parameter.

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Charts And Tables

Get a quick view on specific dimensions, and choose from various charts, plots and tables.

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Selection Components

Apply a selection (to specific components or to the whole analysis document) by selecting values based on a data source.

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Design Components

Add buttons, text components, or input fields to your document, to encourage interactive navigation and dynamic interaction with your analysis. Design components are ment to help viewers to a user-friendly experience.

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Add a new component

To add a new component, click on   in the right part of your selection bar.

This will open up the following sidebar on the right side:


Now you can drag & drop your preffered component to the left side into the analysis sheet grid.

As soon as you lift off the mouse, your component will be placed at the cursor's position. After your component has been placed, the configuration settings will pop up on the right side. 

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