Before you are able to use SAP Process Mining by Celonis 4.2, you need to activate your License. 

In order to get a license for SAP Process Mining by Celonis, please sign up on

The software installation itself can be done without a license key.

In case of problems with the license request/activation, please contact directly.



To activate your License, you need your credentials for the plattform.
If you are facing problems with the myCelonis plattform, you can use the "Forgot Your Password?" link.


After opening the Software for the first time, you will be directed to the License Management:


You can Activate your License Online. If the Online License Activation fails for any reason, please try the Manual license Installation.

Click on  .

The my.celonis plattform appears in the Celonis 4.2 Frame. Please Sign In with your credentials to continue:


Choose your license (if you purchased more than one license) and click on "Activate": 


You will be forwarded to the License Manager in your SAP Process Mining by Celonis 4.2 Software, with a small pop-up appearing ("Your License has been uploaded").

Your license has now been activated, let's Get Started with Celonis 4.2!

Click on .

You will be asked for a license key:

To obtain your license key, go to and sign in with your credentials:


Click on "My Licenses" in the menu:

Choose your license in the License Menu, and click on the desired license:

The License Details will show up:

Server ID

Every SAP Process Mining by Celonis 4.2 Installation is associated with a unique Server ID. After your license has been activated in a SAP Process Mining by Celonis 4.2 installation, the Server ID in your SAP Process Mining by Celonis 4.2 Software will match the displayed Server ID in the myCelonis plattform.


Copy the License Key and paste it into your Celonis 4.2 Software:

To Activate the License, click on . A small pop-up will appear ("Your License has been uploaded").

If your License Key has been valid, you will be forwarded to the Home Page of SAP Process Mining by Celonis 4.2.

Let's Get Started!

License Support

If you encounter any problems activating your License, please contact the Celonis Support.

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