Please Note

This chapter explaines advanced selection methods.

You should already be familiar with the basic functionality of Selections.

Click here, to read the Introduction of Selections.


You will need Edit-Rights for this Analysis Document, however, the Edit-Mode does not have to be active.

Selection UI

The Selection UI is a graphical User-Interface. You can open it in the Selection bar with this icon: .

A window will open, offering you the following selections:


(Click on any selection to learn more).

The selections are ment to be predefined by analysts and used by viewers.

New Selection

Every Selection consists of a button in the upper right part.

 Use this to open a dropdown – menu and proceed to another selection. This way you don't need to close the selection view to change between different selections.

This button is available in all selections


The different filters will be described in the following sections. Let's start with Attribute Selection!

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