OLAP Tables are probably the simplest component of SAP Process Mining by Celonis 4.2.

They consist of an indefinite number of columns that are either dimensions or KPIs. In OLAP-Tables, these dimensions are simple columns that influence the aggregation level of the KPI.

Each OLAP table requires at least one dimension. If no KPI is specified, the OLAP table will create a table row for each dimension.


The following OLAP table displays the purchase order items in a P2P-process, aggregated by material.



This example is included in the P2P - Demo Data, which can be included at the Single-User Installation.

Furthermore, you can download a transport of the P2P - Demo Data for free on the my.SAP Process Mining by Celonis.de plattform.

Interaction with an OLAP Table

Viewer can interact with the table, and (if the Analyst has not deactivated this option), apply selections on any rows.

When hovering a dimension column title, a small search icon will show up:


Click on the icon to open a search field.



Furthermore, you can add sorting rules for every column.

This can be done with a click next to the search field, which will bring up a sorting icon.

To change the sorting order (descending/ascending), re-click it.

By default, the column is sorted in a descending order.

To deactivate the sorting rule, click on the small sorting icon again, until it disappears.



The OLAP table follows the Configurations.

The following configuration pages are available for every OLAP table:


  • Title Settings
  • Dimensions & KPIs
  • Sorting
  • Advanced Options


  • Title Settings
  • Border Options
  • Background Options
  • Text Options


  • Data Series Options
  • Data Formatting
  • Coloring


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