One of the most powerful functions of SAP Process Mining by Celonis 4 is dynamic filtering.

This allows the user to create selections from any component of an Analysis Sheet, affecting the whole Analysis Document.

Only cases that meet your filter criteria are examined in the components, as long as the selection is active.


Create a Selection

1 - Define the cases, that you wish to select for 
Let's assume, we want to select all Sales from 2008 (01.2008 - 12.2008) from an Order-to-cash process.

2 - Use your mouse to select the selection area from any component

Here we have a column chart that shows the course of our Sale-Items and the Net Value over months between 01.2008 and 07.2009.

With Drag&Drop we can draw an area over any component, and adjust it afterwards.

Now we need to select all cases that occured between 01.2008 and 12.2008.


3 - Confirm your selection

After defining the area in our component, we do now need to confirm this selection, before it is applied to the Analysis Document.
In the upper right corner of your component, you will find the following icons:


This deletes the selection.

This will apply an inverted selection. All cases that have not been covered by the above selection, will be selected. No further confirmation is required.

This would apply a selection of all cases (Sales) that did not happen in 2008.

This will confirm the selection.

This would apply the selection with the selected casses (Sales in 2008). 

After a selection has been applied, it is active. The whole Analysis Document (including the Process Explorer and the Case Explorer) will now only focus on cases that meet the Selection criteria (if the component has not been manually escaped from selections by the settings of the Analyst). 

All active selections are  listed in the Selection Bar.




Delete a selection

To delete a selection, use the small that can be found next to all selection names. This will deactivate and remove the selection from the Analysis Document. 

The components will refresh themselves automatically, and adopt the new selection criteria.


Reset selections

If you want to delete all selections that you made (and return to the initial state of your Analysis sheet), you can click on  in the top right corner of your selection bar.

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