One of the most powerful functions of SAP Process Mining by Celonis 4 is dynamic filtering. This allows the user to create selections from all components of an analysis based on which the whole document will be filtered. You will only see data in your components that meet the filter criteria.

Selections can either be created from components in your analysis or from the Selection UI. Keep in mind that you need edit rights to access the Selection UI. Viewers can only see predefined selections and create selections from components.

Selections from components

 Selections from components can be created on every clickable object in your analysis. All charts and tables allow to create selections of their dimensions. The selection can be confirmed by either clicking  on the component itself or confirming the selection at its tab at the top: 


It is also possible to create an excluding selection by clicking  at the component itself.


Now the filter will appear as active in the filter overview.

You can add as many filters as you want. 

To delete a filter, click on the corresponding small button in the top right corner.

Selection UI

In the Selection UI, you can define complex selections over a really simple interface. To access the Selection UI, click on the  - icon in the selection overview. Afterwards, the following window will open:

The selections can be predefined by analysts and used by the viewers. The different filters will be described in the following sections. Let's start with Attribute Selection!


Bookmarks can be used to save your findings. Click on  at the top right of your analysis. Here you can save your current selections for later use. To restore a previously saved bookmark, just click on .


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