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PI Conformance

Next Level Process Mining







Celonis Proactive Insights brings Process Mining to the next level. Next level Process Mining algorithms by Celonis allow target process comparison and detailed root cause analyses to any process deviations within eventdata. Celonis PI presents process violations and their root causes in an actionable and ready to tackle violations feed.


Process Mining is generally divided into two major sub-categories – Process Discovery and Conformance Checking. Process Discovery is the core functionality within Celonis Process Mining allowing the users to understand how their processes run in reality. With PI Conformance Celonis is we are taking Process Mining to the next level. A fully integrated and automated target process comparison.

From exploration to proactive analytics

Process Dicovery is the perfect tool to provide 100 % transparency. Offering a powerful graph by which it is easily possible to explore all process variants within a company. PI Conformance does not require the user to search for himself anymore. Process deviations and problems within a process are extracted completely automatically. Proactive insights on all process deviations are generated within seconds and can be tackled right away.

Go through your To-Do-List instead of doing image comparisons

Traditional research tends to display process deviations within a process graph. Highlighting non-conformant flows by coloring or different shapes of the symbols. The end result might look impressive at first glance. But will let you be the one who has to search for the single insights once again. PI Conformance will not leave you unguided at this point. Instead all problems within your process are presented in a violations-feed. Just like a prioritized to-do-list, the violations-feed will allow you to tackle all problems one by one. Instead of searching for the most important and most critical violations you have them right at your fingertips.

Avoid problems in the future

Obviously, it is extremely powerful to find out what is going wrong in your organization. But the real value lies in avoiding these problems in the future. Celonis PI will assist you in this by providing proactive advice on each single violation. The integrated root cause analysis will extract the highest correlating properties shared by all the violating cases automatically. The root cause analysis enables you to take a look at millions of information points and check if they can be linked to a problem within seconds. So if you decided to tackle a problem the violations feed highlighted for you. The Root Cause Analysis is the second level of PI Conformance’s proactive insights. It points where in your company you specifically have to improve.