The following general settings are available:




The analysis title is shown on the Homescreen in the project navigation.



If you activate this option, users are allowed to download Charts And Tables components as a .csv or as a .xlsx file.

Therefore, the following option will be added to the component menu (right-click on any component):

For each component, users can choose wether they want to export the cases, or the data.

Exporting data will generate a list that includes all aggregated values (= cases) by the component's KPIs.

This is for example interesting, if you are only interested in the displayed data of a column chart.

Exporting cases will export all cases with all column values of all existing cases.

The generated file will most likely contain a huge amount of data.


To limit the amount of exported data, you can set a raw data export limit.

The generated file will not exceed the given number of rows (and might "cut" the data according to your component's sorting policy).


Keep your server's free disc-space in mind. If you allow your user to export millions of rows, your server needs to provide sufficient free disc-space to hold these files while they are generated.




You can export the Process Explorer as Business Process Model (BPMN).

Therefore, activate the checkbox.


The following option will appear in the component menu of the process explorer.



If you activate this option, variants won't be regarded while calculating graphs (i.e. the Process Explorer).

For more information on variants, we recommend to read the section about the Variant Explorer.

This can solve problems considering performance, if you are working with a large number of distinct activities.

The variant calculation is the most costly calculation which is done by SAP Process MIning by Celonis. For an eventlog with an extremly high number of distinct activities or an extremely high number of very long distinct variants it can bring a significant calculation advantage to avoid variants in the Process Explorer.

If you re-activate the variants, you have to reload the whole page (e.g. press F5) to trigger the variant-calculations again.





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