Data models are the basis to all SAP Process Mining by Celonis analyses. In a data model you define which data can be accessed from the analyses build on top of it. Data models are collections of tables (e.g. information about a Purchase - To - Pay (P2P) processe structured within several tables).

A data model can hold tables from different sources such as flat files or different database sources.


Data Models & Analysis Documents

To understand the relation between data models and analysis documents, you should consult the Structure chapter.

In the project navigation you can find two sections, that are assigned for analysis documents and data models.


As you can see on the screenshots, this project contains several analyses, but only one data model, which means, that all analysis documents rely on this data model.


Edit Data Models

To edit any existing datamodel, you can open it (just like an analysis document) with a left mouseclick.

You will be redirected to the Graphic Editor.


Through the whole process, the Navigation area will remain, and offers a quick navigation between the available configuration options.

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